Filtering Feelings


Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
— Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, the man from a time when being posh, be it genuine or masked was the thing to get things done — no wonder why his writings are so badass. And when I was planning to write something about this topic, this is the quote that fulfilled me even before I started writing.

Salute boss!

Okay, back to the line— do you filter your feelings to cater for them according to the situation or just let them flow spontaneously? Truth be told, I feel like there is no such thing as truth in me— it’s just the opinion and depends on you how you take it. Or perhaps, it’s the perception; the way you interact with it defines whether it’s a truth or lie— so, it’s more like an expedient compromise; depends on the mercy of others.

Still, sharing it with others, it has to be a person I believe and trust his integrity to a certain degree. And it is definitely more complex than it seems, cause, integrity and trust— to what extent you can say they are legit. The whole thing is a loop that never ends and trying to figure it out is the least I do, at least when remaining sane is my first priority.

Sometimes, I don’t find myself as a single entity. Instead, it’s a collection of different parts stacked purposefully to let the sense of disagreement live within, protected by our acute tendency of agreeing rarely with the opinion that doesn’t buy our logic. But, isn’t it a scene to behold?

Devoid of fluidity, it stays sold despite a part of us yearning to solve the mystery and end the affliction of ambiguity. The way our life sees it has a unique value, richer than the diversity of this world.

aaron_burden_gvnuvp8cs1o_unsplash Aaron Burden

But, to cut the chase, yes— filtering the feelings always pays off when you want the situation to come in your favour. However, there is a thin line between filtering your feelings and telling lies— where remaining silent is wiser than boasting of the lies you are making up inside for the sake of hiding what’s true and legit.

Surely, we do not have the obligation to someone to speak our mind unless we are okay with that and neither should we hold ourselves responsible for not being able to entertain our surroundings.

So, it’s up to us what to reveal, what to fabricate, and what to hide— everything is fair as long as it doesn’t hurt the feeling of others, especially yours.


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