A Lost Journey With the Beauty of Sunset

Good evening friends of the #proofofbrain community, still with me @quin-art, who tonight I want to share my slightly confusing journey but I have quite a few Sunset collections in my area right now.


Sometimes nature is very good at that time, and changes very momentarily at this time, where every time you can see the beauty of the afternoon, but it can change with seconds, with a confusion mixed with curiosity about a very powerful beauty, what I get this is just a glimpse of my thoughts in walking in confusion of the ever-changing beauty of time and the meaning of each line of days.


The lines of the clouds are very sharp as if to say, the temporary beauty that I can enjoy today. And thank you nature for giving beauty at certain times.

So many pictures that I have, and hopefully they can make a good contribution, and thank you to all of my friends who have helped me a lot in sharing information for me to see so far.


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