Key to Happiness - Bhagvad Gita


Bhagvad Gita is a holy book that contains many verses, transcripts and shlokas which teaches us many important lessons of life. No matter how difficult it could be to read in Sanskrit, but each of them leaves a lasting impression on our life. Today I like to share this shlokas, which gives us important "key for happiness".

यदा न कुरूते भावं सर्वभूतेष्वमंगलम्।

समदॄष्टेस्तदा पुंस: सर्वा: सुखमया दिश:॥

yadaa na kurute bhaavam sarvabhooteshvamangalam,
(sarva + bhoot + eshva + manglam)
samadruShTestadaa (samadru + shtest + adaa) pumsah sarvaah sukhamayaa (sukha + maya) dishah.

(one of the image from my friends home)

This shlokas simply tells us that, when a person does not see any negativeiness or feel that someone is not inauspicious or there is no bad feelings for others. Suvh person is the one who has a feeling that there should be welfare of all, and sees everyone equally, that person gets happiness from all directions. He feels and gets happiness everywhere.

I feel this shlokas is fitting perfectly in present context where everyone has some kind of bad feeling or negative thoughts or some kind of grudges for others. Nobody like to see others happiness and always have certain kind of jealousy. Rather than taking a leaf out from other success they try to complete and in process losses all their happiness and peace.

This Sanskrit shlokas simply makes us understand that Instead of getting into others matters, simply look at the beauty of life in everyone and lead a peaceful and happy life.

Learning is Passion!!

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