This moment is one of the most interesting part of my life and that was non other than my childhood days.....

I have always seen different people, customers of my mum call me different names that wasn't given to me only because of what I was known for in my childhood days....


We all have one thing or the other that we have done as a child that has made us quite popular, it can be an habit of ours that has made us popular even till now, as we are all grown ups, some people still call us by the name we were given back then because of what we have done as a child....

To some it can be something bad while to others it can be something good, but most of the times we are always remembered by the bad things we have done in the past and as a grown up, you are now a cool and calm person ...

I was known by most of my mum's customers then, when was I still a baby, she had lots of customers then as an HAIRDRESSER....
She gave birth to me while she was still an hairdresser and after some years I noticed People I didn't even know calling SUCKI SUCKI(Sucker)
I was wondering why are this people calling me that and most expecially I don't know them....

Then a day came and I was going to church with my mum and siblings and we met this woman on the way, she was my mum's customer and the next thing was her laughing at me after exchanging pleasantries with my mum, the next thing she touched my cheek and guess what she asked my mom???


  Hope your Son has stopped eating too much, 
  I can remember then, when he was still a 
  baby, whenever his mum stands up to plait 
  hair, he starts crying for food....

  Hope he has changed????

I didn't understand her at first and then my mum laughed and said he is still the same ohhh and later I asked her why people were always looking at me whenever I am going out and she said that when I was a baby all Her customer knows me as someone that loves food because I don't let her work and I am always crying for food and then I smiled....

I even remember anytime I come back from school, the first thing I do Is to go to the kitchen and open the pot if my mum has cooked, if she didn't cook, I will run to the backyard crying so hard, but if she has cooked, I will go to the backyard to greet her properly before going to eat...I was a known FOODIE 😆😆😆😆😆


That was the good thing I was known for in my childhood, the bad thing I was known for was when I started growing up and had friends, then I was always known for this....

I am left handed and as a child, my friends and I always love Playing with STONES, oh my my, we love stones...we don't care who is coming or what will break...
I was very playful and naughty, I didn't respect anyone lolz..

We have been cautioned by our parents most times but we never listened, I was known for breaking neighbors windows and glasses....

Anytime we are bored like this, I and my friend always suggest we go play with stones, I broke my mum's shop mirror, dad's side mirror and my neighbors windows as a child and even as I am already grown up, people still remember all this things and abuse me at times because of what I did as a child..


Above are the things I was known for as a child, we all have one thing we did in the past and people call us by that now that we are grown up....

In conclusion, you can share yours in the comment box downward and let us all have fun with those moments and enjoy ourselves and be happy....


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