Riverside insects (Cosmolestes picticeps).


Hi friends, welcome to the #photographylovers community, how are you all friends, I hope you are always healthy and can do activities as usual.

Today is a holiday for me and I spend my free time today going hunting for insect pictures for me to present in this beloved community.

Friends, the location where I hunted today was on the edge of the river, precisely on the river embankment which was overgrown with weeds, I happened to visit the place in the morning.

Arriving at the location at that time I encountered several types of insects but unfortunately I only managed to photograph one type of insect, while the others flew so fast and disappeared.

The insect friends I got were not too wild, I immediately went to this insect to take some pictures in the form of macro pictures.

Slowly I approached it to take some pictures and finally I managed to get some pictures of this insect species using a smartphone camera and also assisted by a macro lens.

The species of insects that I get are generally known as:
Cosmolestes picticeps.

Friends of all in this beloved community, taking macro pictures is not an easy thing, therefore I apologize profusely to friends because the photo object that I provide is still a lot of shortcomings and I will continue to strive to become better macro photography.

You can see some pictures of insect species I've uploaded below in various styles, and I hope you like them.






So many of my posts at this short meeting, I apologize for all the shortcomings, thank you I say to friends who have been present in my post.

CameraSmarphone + Macro Lens
CategoryInsect Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia.


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