I Should Have Reached This Milestone Ages Ago!


Photo is my own and I'm proud of it, okay?!

Today is the first time I have posted daily for 7 days in a row! I can't believe it and I bet you can't either!

The story began long ago, before the fork. My posting habit was erratic, even then. I would post maybe once or twice a week and remember taking multiple months-long breaks. What was I doing back then? Well, I did have a girlfriend and two cats. Now I'm just left with the one cat and no gf 😭.

Nowadays, I'm doing a lot better, in terms of "blogging" that is. (I put it in "quotes" because the Hive ecosystem is so much more than that!) I still post pretty "sporadically" (last time I use quotes, I promise, but someone actually said that) but I have other excuses now.

There are several things that still get in the way of my posting. The first one is still the same: writer's block. I don't even consider myself a writer in the first place... continues writing... I actually failed English my senior year of high school and every subsequent English class I've ever tried to take since then 😎. Ok, I digress. Anyways, I always get ideas for what to post about but I always wonder if it's worth posting, if it's a shitpost, or if people will just plain and simple not like it.

Another block is my nine to five. Well, technically it's my 7:30 to 3. My job. I usually don't feel like doing anything after work and today was no exception. I pretty just got home, trained my soccer team, ate, and now I'm in bed. There aren't enough hours in the day.

Then I remembered my goal! I quickly went to my profile page to check how many times I had posted daily and saw 6. To me, that's incredible! I can't just rest on the 7th day; I'm not God. There's worth to do! Or else I'll have to start all over! Even now I'm running out of time. So does this mean I'll get a badge for posting for a week straight? I sure hope so because I think I deserve it. The last time I remember trying, I ended up losing about 3 or 4 days in.

So here's post #7. Think of it as a tie up post to wrap up the week. On a Wednesday? Shhhh!

It may not be a big milestone, but it is to me. I'm proud of myself.


And now I think it is time to go to bed. Too much excitement for one day.
Thanks for stopping by!