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It's hard to avoid when there is so much going on outside. Autumn started here already but I am not feeling the exact autumn vibes because of the rain. Normally during autumn, rain occurs frequently but this year the weather is worse than the past year. Last year, the autumn was bright and beautiful but this year I don't even notice the transition period of nature when I go outside. Already green leaves are fallen due to storms and rain, so I am not sure whether I will see the Indiana Summer vibes or not this year.

My working schedule changed, 10 hours per day and I have to work 5 days in a week, almost full day. My working schedule is hectic and tiring but I am enjoying it. One thing that is irritating, almost every day I have to follow the same schedule. The good thing is from November, my schedule will be changed and I believe I will get enough time for myself after work. After coming home I feel so tired and always go to bed early. I work as an intern, I am learning and gathering experiences. So I believe the time I am giving now, will be worth something in the future.



I personally feel European weather is moody and it swings a lot like a girl's mood. It's very important to learn about the weather forecast for the entire week though I keep an umbrella all the time with me.

The sky stays cloudy all the time now, I have hardly seen bright days nowadays, a clear blue sky with white clouds is unexpected. People think autumn/fall means blue sky, white clouds, and nice mesmerizing cold wind. I used to think that too but this year my whole perspective has changed about the atmosphere. Sometimes nature creates magical ambient for us but most of the time rain destroys the entire vibes. I know people love rain but working-class people like me don't fall in love with cold raindrops. Most of the time

I can't stop sneezing the whole day if I get wet.



Today was a charming, lucky day after all it was a sunny day. I love bright sunny days because I know how it feels to walk in a gloomy climate. The warmth of the sun was pleasant and enjoyable. I have taken these pictures when I was going to my workplace. You might be thinking why the street is so empty, basically, it is a residential area, I was going to the metro station and this was the shortcut way.

On my way to the workplace, I saw some school-going kids. Most of the kids go to their school by walking, I saw an elementary school nearby.



During the lunch break, I went to a nearby restaurant. Normally I eat food from the cafe but today I was hungry so I had decided to go to the restaurant. I went to this restaurant a few days ago too, their food is good, tasty but expensive. I liked how they have decorated their entrance, porch area. It looked adorable and was expressing the warmth of nature. They tried to create a traditional autumn ambiance with pumpkins and straws. Many people take pictures here too for Instagram.

Anyway, this year many restaurants have decorated their entrance in unique ways to attract their customers. During summer or spring, they don't decorate their entrance that much like the Fall season. It felt like they were celebrating the colorful autumn season.

And as usual, I took some pictures...



Pumpkin reminds me of Halloween always but here pumpkin works as a prompt of warmth. It gives colorful cozy vibes and only in this season, pumpkins are available. I am not a fan of pumpkins but as a decorative piece, I like them.

I am a fan of lanterns and I really like floor-touch lanterns. They are wonderful decorative products. At first, I thought that maybe the candles are fake, but when I paid attention to them, I realized they are real candles made of wax and they burn them at night. Normally restaurants use fake candles with battery but here they are using real candles. Pretty cool stuff I must say.


I have ordered Ceaser Salad for lunch without bacon. I Specifically told the waiter not to put any ham or bacon on my salad. I don't eat bacon. After finishing my lunch I headed back to my workplace and finished the rest of my work.


Days are shorter now and get dark so quickly. So, when I get back home, it becomes already dark. Every day same time, same routine and I am thinking to change my schedule a little bit. Honestly, I am not that person who can follow the same routine months after months that's why I hate corporate jobs. But this time I am sticking to my job because I have to. Sometimes you have to push yourself to move forward, it doesn't matter how you feel about the situation. Sometimes you have to prioritize your future, your work rather than following your mind. That's how you build your career slowly.

That's all for today, folks...

Until next time... Have a nice day everyone...

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