I couldn't sleep last night when Mrs Jackson informed me of his son returning back home from USA. I have only seen Dave in the portrait hanged on the wall in the parlour. I have been a maid to the family of Jackson for a month now and I enjoyed living with them.

A month ago....

Entering the house, my eyes caught such an handsome and smart looking young guy's portrait hanged on the wall.

"Is this your son Madam?"

Yes, swinging her waist as I could feel the enthusiasm on her face. This is my son and he is studying in the overseas. He is already rounding up his program and will soon be back to Nigeria. I can't wait to hold my son again after seven years. She was still talking and carried away by her son's description when her phone rang. The call already distracted her attention towards me as she signaled to me pointing to the other room adjacent to the kitchen.

"That's your room" she muttered.

I carried my bag into the room. I cleaned it up and arranged my bags to its right place. Few minutes later, Mrs Jackson walked into my room and explained my job to me which I promised her to do my best.

I couldn't stop remembering seeing the picture of Dave. I think I am slowly falling in love with a guy I have never met before. What would even come over him to stoop so low falling for an ordinary girl like me? I thought to myself. The thought of him wasn't leaving my mind. I made the matter worse by snapping the portrait on my Android phone as I kept imagining Dave being around me.

I was in my room one night when Mrs Jackson shouted from the sitting room, "Faith, my son is arriving tomorrow, let's get everything ready. You have to wake up early for the market to get everything we need to welcome my Son" Do you hear me?

Yes ma! I shouted from the room. I like Mrs Jackson. She has never been so mean to me, very nice and lovely woman. She never treated me like a maid but a daughter. She said to me one day

"You are my daughter now, I won't treat you like a maid but a child to me".

Early in the morning, I have finished up everything I needed to do. I hurriedly went to the market to get some stuff. When I got back home, my boss has already started preparing the whole sitting room and even rearranged the furnitures. I went straight into the kitchen, off-loaded everything I bought from the market and cooking has started. Dave's face flashed in my mind and I was seeing myself as his girlfriend already. I prayed silently for an impossible thing.

"God, will you just do me this favor of making Dave my boyfriend?"

I smiled while concentrating on the food. I was being careful with the food because I wouldn't want any mistake especially for someone coming from such long Journey.

After some hours, Dave arrived. Mrs Jackson couldn't control her feelings as she hugged his son. Both of them were so happy, I could see that on their faces. I was smiling while standing beside the kitchen.

"Welcome Dave!" He looked at me with a smile and replied me back. "Thanks"

"Mum, is she the maid?"

Yes, Mrs Jackson said.

"Faith, prepare the table for us so we can eat and celebrate my son's arrival"

Dave went upstairs to take a shower and within some minutes, he was back downstairs.

We all sat together to eat our meal. I couldn't control myself as I kept staring at Dave. I knew he saw me because he was smiling while taking the food into his mouth.

That night was my best night because I saw a man I am crushing on for the first time and he is really cute.

Mrs Jackson was already tired and went upstairs to sleep.

"Goodnight Dave, see you tomorrow"

Dave was in the sitting room watching the TV while I was busy clearing the dishes from the sink. When I finished, I told Dave I would be going to my room to sleep.

Then he beckoned on me to come sit down with him.

Whaaat? I stammered as if I didn't hear him the first time. I only wanted him to repeat what he said

"I said come and sit down with me"

I was shy but I managed to sit beside him. He offered me his fruit juice but I turned him down.

"Hmm, you look beautiful!"
"Tell me about yourself"

I only told him a little about me. He told me everything I need to know about him. He even gisted me about his school. He joked a lot. I was lost in laughter when he collected my phone and typed his number.

"That's my number. We can always chat anytime"

Really? I can't believe this. He stood up and was leaving for his room when he turned back and said "we will chat tomorrow, thank you"

The next morning, I woke up feeling great and I remembered what happened last night. It was a memory indeed.

Memories of last night

Image from unsplash


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So when is he proposing? Hahaha. Get prepared, this may land you his heart. From maid to Madam. Hahaha. I loved this and the way you write is amazing. Well done


we will definitely fight if there isn't a part two so just prepare to start writing one and tag me when you do 😅 because I enjoyed reading this.

Thank you @dreemport for bring me here