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Three days ago, I visited my Aunt and she had a lot to gist me about. We talked and she narrated how the break in to her house happened. According to her, they kept coming around her house to rob a nearby building and she was convinced that they would come to hers too. You remember the quote "prevention is better than cure?" She tried preventing it by calling someone (a welder) to come help fix a hard knot to her door so it won't be easy for the hoodlums to break in but he was taking things slow until they came to rob her. I think the thought that I would be robbed made me not to visit her but here I am at her place.

The thought of getting robbed was all in my mind that night. Light came and since I wasn't having ceiling or standing fan in my room, I decided to sleep in the parlour so I can enjoy the fan. Perhaps I haven't gone deep in the sleep when the unexpected happened.

My younger sister came around and told me to follow her somewhere which I did. I was with two phones while my sister too was with hers. We passed through a street. My mind was unsettled and I told my sister we need to turn back before it's too late. She assured me nothing is going to happen. We moved on with the journey and as we came to a place, we saw thugs smoking and drinking together, of course they were having fun. When the road seems blurry and dark, we decided to sit somewhere thinking nothing would happen. The guys were already staring at us and we weren't comfortable either. I whispered to my sister "let's leave here. They are looking at us, it's suspicious"

Not long after whispering, we heard footsteps coming towards us. My sister shouted "Busayo, runnnn"

That was when the marathon race began. We parted ways and ran in different direction. I was panting on the run while they didn't stop chasing too. Some already gone for my sister while I noticed three guys running after me. I was so tired but I kept running until I ran into a house. It was an old woman and her grandchild sleeping already when I bumped into the house.

Mama egbami Mama egbami (Mama, help me. Mama, help me) Mama didn't wake up but was still sleeping. I sat beside her head feeling safe and I was too smart to keep my big phone under Mama's pillow while I held the second small phone. They located me into the house. Their fierce eyes was something I couldn't look into. I bowed my head pleading.

The trio sat down and were smiling. Of course they know I can't run again. Mama and the child were still sleeping. This was where I was confused. What's going on? I kept begging them to leave me alone but they kept saying "give me your phone"

Oh no! The small phone was with me and as they were talking to me, my other hand was hanged under the pillow while I managed to keep it on silent and even switched it off.

They collected the phone from me when the other guys came and didn't bring along my sister. "We didn't find her" I became relieved when they didn't catch up with my sister. Thank God she was smart not to be caught. Now, it's me. What will happen?

One of the guys was coming towards me as he felt something is fishy about my hand under the pillow. As he was about to pull me over to check the pillow, I woke up from my sleep.

Damn! It was too close. So it was a dream? I was very happy when I stood up from the parlour and went to sleep in my room.

I couldn't sleep again because I was thinking what if it was real? My phone with different apps. Is that how I am going to lose all my hard earned money? Even though those apps have my fingerprint and password, where do I get another phone to change them? I can't afford to lose all my money 😁