Getting my first three axies.


I am into gaming since childhood. Blockchain gaming has been super lucrative since my college days.
I have been playing splinterland from past 4 years and this has proven to be best for my zest of playing and economy too. Rest have been into dota and other games which my pals from school enjoys.

My friend @sahiba-rana introduced me to axie infinity and I purchased three axies with my other pal and we play axies now.
I have gone through their whitepaper and future roadmap. There's lot to more in game than we just see now.
So, the axies we have are-


Aqua, Plant and Reptile

Why buying now?
Many people said that buying them right now is no good as the slp price is low and the hype is all finished and this game is no good to play anymore.
I think differently as I researched about this and found out how the low slp is good for the ecosystem of game and this will lead to eliminate the abuse to the game and the future projects of axie infinity are the reason why this game will thrive more. This kind of faith I showed in splinterland 4 years and now I am enjoying it's fruit.

About my Trio axies


My most favourite one is Reptile.
This axie is super powerful and got good shield too. It's a virgin which makes me spend less bucks in future breeding. Moreover The card it holds are superb.
1.Ill omened
3.surprise invasion
4.jar barrage

These four are superb as I can stun, apply jinx, give a good damage and even apply good shield. Also snake jar is the best. I was playing by keeping this reptile in mid and loosing almost every match. The time I switched it to the back. I started winning and have yielded so much in such lesser time span.


This is my tank which has good shield and owes cards as-
1.Buzzing wind
2.Drain bite
3.Shell jab
4.All out shot
I am quite uncertain about this one but I you guys have any suggestion on a good combo here and I would like to learn something good about this axie.


The last but not the least, This is aqua.
1.Nila strike
2.Tail slap
3.Sunder claw

These are the four cards. I use this axie at the mid as it sustain good damage and is best when used in mid. As far as this has worked out for me.

I would like to conclude the introduction with a thought that this is start of new journey in gaming and I would suggest you guys to be the part of this game either by scholarships or buying it as this will surely yeild good results for you in future.

Also I would like to seek a suggestion that If I would like to breed another axie , Do you guys recommend breeding reptile and aqua? as both of them are virgin here and plant has breed count already.

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congrats on getting your first 3 axies. Now play hard and pray for SLP price :)

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