It is no secret to see the route crypto currency has been taking for the past decade. It is no longer a side business entering the world of finance. Every day when you look at the day volume you have an idea the amount of transaction just from the exchanges. There are way more not recorded to the public by like #coingecko. Just when you look at layer-2 it is a testament how fruitful crypto has become.

When you look at crypto in the retail mode you do not see separately what is going on. If you look at the trade of the sort like #FTX, #Coinbase, #GEMINI, you read a whole of different movement showing the space is well organized and ready to take over. This is why you see any centralized exchange charges a little bit more in order to pay their due to all parties involved.

This crypto business many think it is just a regular transaction is composed of many parallels diagram giving the needed boost. No wonder why #BTC is fomenting a resistance to hold around $20k. Hard to judge if it will succeed but it is ongoing. What saving crypto these days is the approach by Gen Z saving more than previous generations. As more hodlers understand the ramification, a base is set to grow from there.

Now this part of the corner where #lobbyists are working for crypto did not catch my attention. In the long run I am not sure if the interest is relevant to the end user. As you know without a community crypto is nonexistent. It has become imperative for those companies to use a tierce company on their behalf. Since the dawn of 2016 lobbyists have been working behind the scene for crypto. Quite a few I mentioned earlier. Even #Uniswap uses lobbyist. Any big company you may think of has affiliation with a lobby company to maintain a good relation. This practice is the way it is to advance your biz agenda.

In the long run big money involved causing me to think, where the banning idea come from. This is part of the culture in this financial world to use lobbyist. That way you can secure from the Capitol that your agenda can generate more opportunities long term. What make it stunning, the same folks that use to be on the other side become lobbyist. They see an opportunity so they run after it.

From this view point #crypto is marching along the line where somehow regulation could be part of the debate. While the bear market is upon us, the pressure seems a low key. The minute the bull reiterates its emergence you can see a more vicious push for crypto.
Again having lobbyists in crypto is not a strange world. There are big money circulating and crypto is possibly the next adventure this economy needs to change faces.

It gives a chilling manifestation that crypto is upon us for good. As long it favors the fiat of the land you will see lesser objection for what crypto will do. It serves everyone a purpose to remain connected. The debacle of stablecoin will be one to watch for.
It got me thinking a little bit about HBD. We have work to do. As you know HBD needs more development in order to hold on the peg.
Glad to see this bear market is showing what crypto is serious going forward.
Hive vehemently has passed the test.
Hope you keep on getting your vests together.

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