The appeal of crypto does not request anyone to come and join the party. You decide what is best for you and being smart you tag alone. The demise of fiat in favor of crypto is still a far long footstep from the power of fiat currency. It will be a long road before you and I can see this transition become effective. The way things are heading it will be a long road. Be ready for your grandchildren to fully benefit from it. In the meantime be a team player to promote crypto.

The US dollar continues to provide that safe heaven for worldwide transaction. It is de facto currency for everywhere you need to business. It gives the dollar influence against the Euro lately. It has been 20 years since they reach parity. At the same token crypto is slowly taking its role of the dollar, making business otherwise they could take days. The remittance is less than 24 hours.
Crypto even with a lower market cap continues to eat the bank launch.


It is important to understand why CBDC or stablecoins are vital for crypto to grow in the next level. First it is hard to fully regulate a software running 24/7 on the web. Second only humans can be somehow regulate that imposing boundaries. Crypto is by itself the most unselfish and worldwide system where the same way I can talk to someone, crypto can be transferred vice versa. no wonder it is truly the internet of money.

You have seen for the past couple days BTC stands its ground and hold past $20k. The need the place the efficacy of crypto are hard to ignore. Pulling it close to Hive, you can see the same effect Hive is having on the community as a whole. Most of Hive trading is happening to a community from another part of the world. It does not differ where you are, the token is at your disposal to transact. It brings me back to what #HBD hold for long term growth.

Lately I post about the 20% but someone did not understand it fully. HBD should be considered now as a bridge for Hive to grow. HBD will eventually provide a suitable peg to the dollar pushing the value of Hive higher the minute everyone understands the passive value it brings today. No need to shuffle about algorithmic stablecoins that may resemble HBD and no longer in the market. This is a difference approach from the beginning and it is still today. All I can say time is in your side with Hive and HBD.

Since the EU sees the need to implement some guidelines for crypto, the US is encouraging to do the same. One trillion market seem not too of a hurry. No need to ban cause the business it brings is all about innovation. This is a point in crypto life of everyone. Everything seems to run with the end user move. The business crypto enables has a capacity to capitulate all fiat put together. We all know it is not going to happen. You name it FUD or FOMO and controlling parties will continue to wrench the propulsion of crypto. Gladly it is up to us to maintain the right environment for crypto.


This is where crypto has the last laugh. Everyone has to go with crypto. Unless you want to continue to pay more while crypto is a saving machine. Crypto in itself can help your business. You can be anywhere around the globe and make business with crypto. Since we are in plain sight of financial issues, it is harder for crypto to grow properly. At the same time crypto holders should cherish this moment.

This is the time to see the crypto you can keep and you should let go. I know it is tough to separate innovation with price but the market crypto hardly lies. You will see by the end of 2022 what will sick around and what will flourish.
One BTC is one BTC. The same can be said for many crypto like Hive. Right now Leo token is a bargain
I think it has to be for a while and then many will see and say, I missed it.
I know the liquidity factor will play a major role for crypto to grow efficiently.
If you lose during the bear market, it is all paper loss unless you have to sell.
Keep what you have and put it to work. Hold where it makes business sense.
As more holders will come for business purposes and DEFI is growing, this is the trend when the bear will go to rest.

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