This is for sure a topic if you watch the game or the highlights of the Bucks vs Colts game. It is something worth noticing when team keeps changing their identity. Throwing the Football is very elegant in the game but easily you can get a pick. Running the Football takes time, when done efficiently but you expect the other team defense to play loose.

Every week in the NFL you will get something out of expectations. Out of all teams, it is clear some teams are elite. Let's say Patriots. New quaterback, same old coach, the team is running like well oil machine. They are beating everyone coming their way. You can tell now why Cam is no longer there.

You cannot be a Super star than the team like Patriot to succeed. Actually you can't even talk the way you want. Either you are on the bus or off the bus. If you even think for a minute, you can say whatever you want in the media, be ready to be cut.
Enough of Patriot, it works for them and they won multiple championship by controlling everything.

Dolphins has come back to their senses. Winning four in a row. Not bad for a team where everyone cries to change Brian Flores. Tua is precisely throwing laser. Good job on the defense Dolphins.
It is hard to talk about bad team and miss the Browns. Releasing OBJ is not really the problem. Actually the problem is still around to be solved. Is Baker the problem? Maybe playing hurt is the problem. Who knows?

Whenever you think a little bit about Football, Cowboys are the darling. Somehow they are not winning consistently. It seems they are losing inconsistently. The hope is high for Dak. Hopefully they can come back together to finish the season strong.
Lamar the man in the mirror, throwing picks and still win the game. Somehow one team is too talented than the other.

Every week you have a difference recipe for the NFL. The game is so addictive. I must say the big city adores the pro game while the small city around their school loves the college game. Michigan finally put a break to Ohio. Even though Michigan was the better team on paper, it has to be proven on the field. They did run the Football all over Ohio.
It was a game that keep every fan glued on the screen this last Saturday.

Oh my! I was going to forget about Aaron Rodgers. This guy has special skills to throw the Football. I wish him to go all the way this year. He brings drama too.
Absolutely these are the teams that should go deep in the playoffs. Patriots, Bucks, Packers, Chiefs, Cardinals. If you have another one, enlighten me in the comment section


Good post... as one that follows the game religiously, let me first say that there is no K in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers... they are the Bucs, not the Bucks. Not that it matters, since I knew who you were writing about, just wanted to point that out.

I would add the Bills and the Ravens to your list of teams that have a shot to go deep into the playoffs. My co-host, @jongolson would call me out if I didn't mention them.

As a life-long Cleveland Browns fan, their ills are due mostly in part that the offense has been erratic, inconsistent, and ineffective in the passing game. Baker is dealing with a laundry list of injuries that are affecting his play, and although there have been calls for him to sit, he is the best option at the position and their best chance to win. They are on their bye week, so I hope he can heal and get better so that they can make a run in the last part of the season.

Again, good post... and enjoy the rest of the season.