The Tradition of Eating Yellow Rice as a Sacred Event



Hello, CCH community

Following a week of camp activities, we followed tradition and toasted our accomplishment. This celebration of newcomers to our organizational community also serves as a kind of welcome. 13 new members who successfully completed the selection process during their studies make up this group.

Seniors from the neighborhood and guests were present for this event. This holiday custom is known as "Peusijuk" in the Acehnese language of ancestry. This occasion falls under the category of a formal and revered occasion.

Introducing tradition to organizational members at this time is a very good idea. A portion of this group that promotes character education is made up of young people. organizations that have a major impact on how young people develop their character.

On one of the campuses in Lhokseumawe City, this event was held in the secretariat room of the Student Organization Building. In this gathering, all participants and invited visitors sit in a circle facing one another. A tumpeng rice is present in the middle of the dish.

This rice is called tumpeng rice because it has been fashioned to resemble a tall cone structure. Rattan is weaved to create this tumpeng rice bowl. This enormous serving of yellow tumpeng rice is accompanied by side dishes and veggies.

Vegetables and a variety of side dishes are arranged in a circle at the bottom. There is fried chicken, fried beans, fried tempeh, fried noodles, cucumber, carrots, and cabbage leaves. I originally opened this before the event started.

This event is actually composed of a number of sessions that are conducted officially and reverently. Opening statements and suggestions were covered in the first session. The reading of prayers by religious leaders will be the subject of the following session.

The procession of fresh flour (peusijuk), which concludes the meeting, requires plant bonds made up of a variety of plants in order to be carried out according to custom. The majority of the time, this plant produces precious flowers with significant religious significance. Furthermore, rice, rice, and water are available and can be used to sprinkle flower ties on top. 😊

I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the event.

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