What is My Purpose on Earth?

It's been a long long time since I have posted here. The last time I made a post, Hive was still part of Steem.

Today, I will be talking about one of the best books I've ever read. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hil. This is like a book review however quite incomplete as I will be highlighting just some things that really struck me from the book.

Napoleon Hil, the author of the famous Think and Grow Rich, said "the man who knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way in attaining it." God, our creator no doubt designed the universe on purpose. And everything under heaven serves a purpose. The ground serves a purpose; the grasses flourish for a purpose. Night and day, heat and cold, rainy season and dry season - these are all results of universal elements serving their original intent.

"A man never rises as high as when he knows not to wither he is going",

observed Oliver Cromwell.


Purpose is an intention, an aim, or a function something is expected to perform. We are all born for a reason. And a man's ultimate success and happiness lie in the discovery and actualization of his God-designated intent.

Life is meant to be lived on purpose.

But so many people live their life by accident instead of by design. Purpose is what makes the difference between accomplished and unaccomplished people.

Purpose is the reason why some people go through life happy and fulfilled.
A fruitful and rewarding life is one led with intention; it is a life with the desired end result in mind.

Purpose is the reason for existence; it gives direction to life and enables its possessor to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Without purpose, you'll almost always be aiming at nothing and successfully hitting it every time. When you have a definite purpose to pursue in life, you have something for which you enthusiastically raise yourself from bed every morning. A life that is running on purpose cannot be overpowered by challenges.

As Benjamin Disraeli observed,

"Nothing can resist a human will that stakes its heart upon purpose."

Purpose generates energy to keep its possessor on the move.

Doubtless, the only man with a good prognosis in the future is the man who knows and understands what he was born to accomplish in life - why are you here?

It was the discovery of the answer to this question that made Thomas Edison the greatest inventor of history, even though he was expelled from school.

Albert Einstein was sent home from school as a person with a learning disability. But when asked and answered this question, he left his name indelibly on the pages of history as one of the greatest scientists the world has ever known.
The same was with Ben Carson, Joyce Meyer and other great men and women.

It'll take all day to tell of the many great and successful men and women whose success came as a result of the discovery of the answer to this question:

What purpose have I to accomplish on earth??