Taking Care Of Your Energy | What I Learned With The Inner Chaos


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Sometimes when life gets crazy, we tend to forget & leave ourselves behind... we go into "auto mode", taking care of daily things or whatever else life throws at us. We focus on helping others & giving all of our energy to everything. In the chaos, we wonder why we become so drained, which flows into other areas of our lives.

This is the perfect definition of energy burn out. It happens to all of us & it certainly happened to me. Coupled with anxiety, it wasn't a pretty picture for a while.

As I return to my main content, it feels good to be back on camera. It made me realize that this is something we don't always talk about. So, I shared my experience here, along with some quick updates.

I hope it helps give you a different perspective on true "self care" & allows you to refocus on what keeps you healthy.

Let me know if you like this kind of content & would like more videos talking about this. The more awareness we have about these type of topics, the more we can empower ourselves while empowering others.

Thank you for watching! 🧚🏼‍♀️💖🙏🏻

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Gracias por compartir 😊. Qué importante es saber canalizar bien las energías, y aprender a no desgastarnos... Saludos ;)


Concuerdo completamente. Se necesita mucho de nosotros para aprender eso, a través de prueba y error. Pero es muy importante hacerlo. ¡Entonces podrás disfrutar de la vida por lo que es y ayudar a los demás mucho más!

Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por mirar. Ten un día maravilloso. 💚✨