The clowns who say cryptocurrencies are a bubble

We live in a world where anyone has the privilege of saying what they want to say at any time. In such a interconnected world where technology has allowed us to communicate globally on a scale never seen before, the freedom to say whatever is a reality that everyone already knows and exercises.

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Responsibility with what is said

But the fact that there is such a level of freedom is what makes many clowns come out to say or comment on things about topics they do not understand; And this is something that we all must be very aware of today, especially those of us immersed in the crypto world.

I say this because day after day we see how much famous (and not so famous), important (and not so important) personalities come out, professional opinioners everyone, to say that all cryptocurrencies are bubbles, scams and that whoever invests in them will broke up at the end.

Now ... To these clowns (because I cannot find another qualifier for describing those who opining about something without really knowing what they are talking about) who don't know the reality what they talk about, we can explain the disruptive and innovative that is crypto universe and the great economic impact that crypto represent at all levels of moderns life, but it does not matter, cause
they will not understand it, nor will they accept it. And some will not do it for not giving their arm to twist and not accepting that they're making a mistake; but others because they will not really understand anything about cryptocurrencies no matter how much it is explained to them.

In addition to all that has been said, clowns have to understand that everything we say has consequences for us and for others, even in this crazy world we live in, so we must take responsibility for everything we say and not speak just to speak. Consequently, if we say that something is bad, it is not enough simply to show credentials, or say "it is my opinion and my freedom to say what I think", but we must demonstrate reliably that what we say is what it is.

I personally know that cryptocurrencies are better than fiat money by its very nature, and because I know fiat money and its level of indiscriminate issuance by governments. But what proof do you have that cryptocurrencies are bad? If you say that many cryptos are projects that fail... Well, it is true that there are projects and cryptos that do not come to fruition, but it cannot be generalized, because those cryptos constitute a tiny minority. And if you say that cryptocurrencies are used for money laundering and other illicit purposes; Well, this is probably true, but still, fiat money is what is most used for such purposes, so what's the point?

Message to the Clowns

Cryptocurrencies are something that is too deep for all of you, it is a technology and innovation that exceeds your understanding capabilities. So, If fiat money is the best for all of you, then that's fine, just continue to handling fiat money and believing that is the best; but let others do what they see fit with their money. Over the years all of you will see who was right, and I assure you with total property that you will regret not having entered to invest in cryptocurrencies when they had the opportunity.

I think about how the clowns will feel when they find out that they lost the greatest opportunity for economic advancement of their lives

I think by then they will feel as what they are, just stupid clowns who did miss the golden opportunity to grow exponentially economically. By the time that happens, perhaps it will be when they realize that the real bubble is not cryptocurrencies, but the fiat money they defend so much.

They will realize that governments indiscriminately issue fiat money as they please and when they please, and with it they sink the purchasing power of the people more and more.

When the clowns who currently say that cryptocurrencies are a bubble really realize all these things, they will finally understand that the biggest bubble that has ever existed (especially since the abandonment of the gold standard), is fiat money; but by then it will be too late for them.

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