Love 😇…

Love really is amazing , Wow, I am really so glad to write this out with everyone , Because meeting new friends here on hive is a great feeling , and a very basic expression of love…

What really motivated me to make this post is due to the fact that I love love. I love seeing people show love to others, I love an environment where love is,

And like I said in my previous post, I had a girlfriend which I was seriously in love with, And which I loved her wholeheartedly. In this post I would be sharing with y’all some memories that happened, and my recent view about love.

After this post, You guys would probably be shocked about facts we all think we know about love


Every Tom, Dick and Harry apparently knows what love means, either the AGAPE LOVE (the love we have for nature generally, or better put as love of mankind😌😌😌. This love is the kind in which you necessarily do not need to know all about someone, But you choose to love them. Agape is natural love ), the PHILIA LOVE(philia love is the love we have generally for our mates, our colleagues, our friends,our hostel mates, our college mates, our friends,. PHILIA love exist everywhere in the world, and mostly very common, because everyone either has a colleague at work , school , office, social media and all of that.)



A few of this pictures above here shows love among friends, love among mates, The PHILIA love.

Trust me, Love really is more than we think. we also have the STORGE( the love for family. )

This love is so strong, I mean the love for family. It can almost never be broken. A wild range of people from this part of the world says “blood is thicker than water”(which means that the love you have for your family or relative is always stronger than love you have for friends and strangers).That is due to the fact that naturally, we tend to love our family members while growing from birth. Have you ever noticed that no matter how you hate your siblings, if they get hurt by an outsider, or by a factor you can’t control, YOU GET PAINED TOO. That’s the extent to which family love can go. STORGE is the love for kids and parents, Everyone love thier kids, and Everyone love thier parents.

While I was in high school, I had a friend called George, and he had a younger brother called Moses. I once witnessed my mathematics high school teacher scolding George for a task he failed to carry out for a while. While my mathematics teacher was scolding George, Moses was right beside him, George started crying, and a few seconds after that, Moses started crying too.

Of course, our mathematics teacher was scolding George not Moses, But Moses also cried too;
That’s the power of STORGE LOVE.

Love really is strong, look at this picture, A picture of 3 siblings


These siblings right here are happy, They took the picture with great happiness in them even reflecting in the outside of thier faces.

We also have the EROS LOVE (Eros love is the love among lovers, I mean love among opposite sex in a relationship.

Eros love is the passionate love, Eros love is the demanding love, Eros love could be erotic, and could be one of the shortest( in terms of time frame). Which actually I would talk a few on.

When I had a girlfriend before now, The love I had for her is “EROS LOVE”, and trust me guys if i am too say anything about this love, Then it’s INTIMATE🥺, it’s PASSIONATE🥺, it could make you change your will🥺, It’s DEMANDING 🥺, it’s ENJOYABLE 🥺, the Eros love is “HURT-FULL”.
I really loved my ex girlfriend, I could do anything just not to hurt her, I could even catch a grenade if I had the opportunity too😔, I relatively gave My All to the relationship, and I would not lie, while it lasted, I gave my all😢🥺. I gave the COMMITMENT, I gave the Energy needed to drive the relationship. I enjoyed every bit of it while it lasted. But then, It ended😞.

Eros love hurts the most, it’s leaves heartbreak, Eros love even make lovers become enemies after the love factor is gone

(….I got to this point now, and I don’t feel like doing this write up again🥺, cause I feel pains talking about the love that is giving me pains)…


Among all categories, there is the OBSESSIVE LOVE, this is almost impossible to get over, and even if it happens that one get over this kind of love, then it’s going to take a very long time. Obsessive love sometimes is like a spell casted on a person. People with OBSESSIVE LOVE can give thier life for love


Love creates happiness, contentment, peace of mind and joy...

Love brings about strong exclamation and amazement.It brings about some kind of strong bond and connection that is always irresistible.
Love might sometimes happens for no reason at allllll.
Love actually is EXTREMELY BLIND(if love were a person, it would either be with no eyes, or just a partial eye


You could love someone to the extent that words really can’t express your feelings again

Love really sometimes can be like a spell casted on someone, You just act to satisfy the emotions you are feeling
True love doesn't pretend at all, it's very shameless,it doesn't care about what others thinks of it.

Finally, LOVE is beautiful and should be experienced by everyone , and I mean everyone, even you and I.

Everyone needs to experience love and guess what, it needs to start from you, it need to start from now, You need to start loving people already!!! Give people some love, Cause you deserve it



Love can break you down most especially when you feel hurt from the person you love

Love can make you do the extreme.(like doing crazy stuffs,) using myself as an example, while still with my Ex, I dropped a few of my friends because of her, that’s how powerful love can be .

Have you noticed that if two lovers get to spend time with each other, I mean even get married, along the line, they get to look alike?

Having sex with someone you love builds stronger intimacy between you both .

Love can get you cheated!!!.

You can’t escape love, you surely can’t escape it!

Lastly, Love is not properly utilized😞, this is the sad truth, we could all do better, we could all be loved better, we could all experience a better life. And all this can happen by loving people enough.



We all need to show love to people, cause that way only we would get love, we need to give love, cause we deserve some, This world as a whole could be a better place if we all love each other, and it all starts from YOU and I. We have to make the love trend possible. We have to support each other, Check up on each other, support your hive friends, Make them happy, vote thier posts, love them, Don’t procrastinate, start from now, Give love!! You deserve some. we have to love each other and grow together!!!

Love brings peace, it brings opportunities, love brings resources even more than money,

Show love today to everyone around you, cause you deserve it!

And start from now, start from this post Don’t procrastinate !!!



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Stunning content, from the image to how you creatively explained love, especially the one with the familia like the Spanish would say, someone shared your Post and I think it's very good. Well done.

Here's for your efforts.

@tipu curate


This means a lot to me. Thank you very much @josediccus

I am very appreciative. Thanks a lot
I hope we get to be friends,

And I hope I can get to grow (learn) from you


hmm. the lover boy himself preaching about love... hope you have been fully healed from your recent breakfast.


Yes brother

I have planned to get over it, I am getting way better

You need to give some love too brother, cause you deserve to be loved


This is authentic and I enjoyed the passion you expressed in this content.

Love can be everything. Sweet, enjoyable and equally hurtful. When we are in love, we stand a chance to pass through all emotions.

When you said that love can end despite all the sweetness attached to it, I clearly understood it. Moving on is also not easy, but that's a good option.

Well Done Bro


I love how you broke down the different types of love.

Really interesting read.