The peperomia pellucida plant with noodles for eating


Hello Hive, I stay at home. I'm really bored for staying home. I think I want to pick the peperomia pellucida cook with noodles. I hope you maybe like these trees with noodles and sometimes I picked it for fry with meat. I'm really bored and I like eating it. I hope you ever eaten it and other countries know this plant. I put in plate and I ate with spoon. It is delicious and yummy like nature. The smell is good for cooking with these trees. The peperomia pellucida we can find it somewhere in my village. It grows well in October, cambodia. If you want to eat it I can find it to you cook with some noodles.


I picked it in the forest. I take it to clean with water. I put it in the pot. There are many trees in pot and I cut it by hand and we put all trees and leaves in pot.


I bought noodles from the market and there are two noodles. It costs one thousand and four hundred riel khmer. It is miduim price in the market and the countryside it is same price.


I peeled the noodles and I put it with peperomia pellucida in pot. We add salt and oil in package into pot. For me I didn't add oil into pot because I don't like it. We pour hot water in pot. We keep it for five minutes to boil well with peperomia pellucida.


It boils well and we put it in a plate. It is delicious and yummy. Do you hear for this tree cooking with noodles ? I think you should eat it and you come here, cambodia. I will make for you eat it. Finally I wish you success in business. Have a good day.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day. Escape the covid-19.