"Blank Stare"



Was it something that I said, that made you turn away?
What was that line between us, and why did it break?
Now I'm here in my bed, with the darkness all around
Can't look back on us now, can't believe we fell apart

I never felt so alone, I just stared at the ceiling
My mind is racing away and my thoughts keep creeping
What happened to us? Can't we just go back?
Why can't I accept this sad fact?

The pain lingers on even though we're long gone
I keep reaching out, but there's no one to hold
Still, I try to convince myself not to let go
But no matter what I do, heartache's all I know

Staring at the ceiling, I'm so alone
My thoughts are scattered, and it's hard to find home
The night creeps in, it's unbearable
It's always there just like a wall

I have nothing left but longing days
My heart aches and my foggy clouds remain
Every time I try to look on the bright side
My broken dreams cloud the skies.

What happened to us?
All those moments that we shared, why didn't they last?
Can't we just go back to the way things were?
I've got to accept that it's the end