365 Savings Challenge Week 9 (ish)

The "Phe's already precarious sense of time is now totally borked because he has been trying to move apartments" warp on when this report gets posted continues! LOL But here is my savings challenge report for week 9 ...ish. It's as of today, 25 October. :)

Ye Olde Charts:

On the dollar amount, or pound amount, or HBD amount in my case even tho I left the pound symbol there, lol, I have it color-coded by month; on the dated one I have it color-coded by week. It just helps me keep track since I transfer to savings whatever I am able to that day both because my income here fluctuates and one day I might have a large amount and one day I might have none, but also because I want to put in the highest amount I can to take advantage of the 10% interest on HBD in our savings accounts! :)

Side note: we should create a Hive symbol like $, £, ¥, etc. I mean I get that probably most people would use $ for HBD because "Hive Backed Dollars," but I dunno, I feel like we should have a Hive itself symbol. Bitcoin has one, so can we. ;) Hey Leofinance people, we should have a contest or something. :D

So now I am at 98.152 HBD - so close to 100! My goal is a music keyboard, and beyond that, I don't know.

You can join in the savings club anytime! Just check out the posts from @susie-saver and @eddie-earner for more info!

It's almost Samhain, which is my favorite holiday, and I am definitely starting off the new year (it's Celtic new year at Samhain) with a whole bunch of changes! Let's see what day I manage to get my next update posted, lol. Have a great week, everyone!

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