My love-pastries


Hi guys! How are you? I'm not good because I'm a newbie here. In other words, I am struggling with Hive because I am not actually used to Hive. πŸ˜‚ So far I am exploring it my best because I think I will find a lot of fun here. That is why I came back to update the stories, amazing adventures from you guys and keep sharing the interesting things around me. I wonder if you remember me after my only first post so far or not. It was my introduction to Hive πŸ˜‚, and do you remember one of my jobs mentioned before? 😊

αΊ£nh cαΊ§m ly pan.jpg

Pastry chef

passion cake.jpg



cuα»™n kem.jpg

I love pastries so I decided to take part in the baking course. I had been learning many different types of cakes from around the world as you see. 😊

panna costa.jpg

panna costa 1.jpg

It seems to look like Yogurt in Viet Nam. Is that right? 🀣 Actually it is a sweet dessert made from whipped cream, milk, sugar and genlatine powder from Italia. It will be better if it is added with fruits or fruit sauces such as mango, blueberry, passion fruit, raspberry, etc...

creme brulee.jpg
Another dessert that looks a lot like the one in Viet Nam. I guess up to 90% of Vietnamese people think it is the Plan ( a dessert in Viet name). Its ingredients are also quite similar to Plan but this is the most famous French dessert.

Γ‘o bαΊΏp.jpg

I found a job after only 3 months of studying there, and luckily I had been working for the company of my teacher who taught me in the class I was taking. The company specializes in the production of bread and pastries. And the irony is that I had been assigned to the bread-making team because I'm not actually good at making bread. πŸ˜‚ But I didn't worry this is because I thought I would learn a lot of interesting things in that field and try my best.😊

list to do.jpg
These are the pastries orders of the customers and we have to make them



party pizza.jpg
I really love everyone here because of working in a mentally comfortable environment and they are quite easy-going and funny. Though I had only worked for a short time there, it contains a lot of good memories for me and I've never forgotten. 😊
That is one of my favourite jobs and I am a person who likes to discover interesting things in life. Especially it's the culinary field. I'm here and I always want to learn new things from you guys. Wish you have a great day. 😊


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