Pumpkin leaves or seeds.......either ways, the growth and harvest is important

How delighted I am to resurface with my fellow hive agriculturists who are always on the lookout for rapid success and farm growth. Today we'll be learning how to tend and aid the growth of our pumpkin leaves via the fluffy seeds.

Let's know more about pumpkin and it seeds

It is not unusual when pumpkin are classified as vegetables, actually they're fruits containing about 500 seeds in each pumpkin row, these seeds are either eaten or planted when matured. Pumpkin takes about 90-120 days to mature that's roughly a time frame of 3-4 months. Pumpkin serves lots of purposes and is one of the best fruits prescribed to regulate lots of blood flow
But then, the growth of pumpkin begins from a single step....the seeds
Let's see how it goes

The seeds are to be planted either on well cleared farmland or alongside other crops in the farm


Choose already prepared edible fluffy seeds and plants them in a distance of 4-8 feets apart, plant under direct sunlight or shade so that the tender seeds benefits from the photosynthetic process of the sunlight

Water constantly especially during dry season, irrigation system will also do lots of good, since their growth depends solely on the amount of water or rainfall absorbed, it is advisable that these seeds be planted in the months of May and June else there should be constant availability of water

After the planting process, there should be lots of care for the baby plants as it appears to be very vulnerable at this stage and a slight mistake could cost its life hindering the growth

Lots of natural compose manure and less artificial fertilizers should be applied to enhance the growth of the succulent plants

At this point, you notice that your plants are growing well, hence you give it some time (90-120 days to be precise) and the pumpkin fruits will be out dangling to and fro.

To save it from falling off from the strand, it is advised that a stick be placed under it after a soft pad made of dry plantain leafs has been made for it, this soft pad makes it stable. It is to remain this way until harvest when you decide to either eat the seeds, plant or preserve them.





And I'll call it a day, it's late already though, I'm off to bed..... dream of your ever growing crops🤣