Yet another sunny post


Slowly getting back to my posting habits, aApart from my Splinterlands giveaways. I joined last #sunthursday contest, and when I decided to check @qurator's Photo Quest for this week... Sun Rays it is! Since I don't even remember last time I joined in on the fun, here's some more sun!

Not that sun rays are my usual capture; I think more often than not they I notice them after taking the photo, and keep them if I like the effect, as it was the case here!


This one was taken coming from the beach, in one of my favourite beach locations in SW Portugal; I rarely go to this specific beach, but the sunset in this location is definitely something to repeat!

Even if not quite in the golden hour, managed to find a random photo in my archive, where sun rays were also present.


And I have no clue whatsoever where this photo was taken. 😁

Not only sunsets give decent sun rays, especially if we can add another subject to the mix: how about spiderwebs?


Found it by accident, when I was putting my towel out to dry, and the sun was in the perfect spot.

And to finish, a rare sun capture for me. Why? Because I'm not exactly a morning person, but this day I had to get up too early. The good thing about it? Got to witness a sunrise!


Weekend is almost there, hope you have a pleasant one!


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