The Good


Photo By Mikhail from Pexels


A few months ago I had a conversation with a close person about personal relationships, both work, family, and romantic. This person is a woman of faith, a teacher, and has been married for at least 20 years.

I assume that because of her profession she has learned to be empathetic and understanding, as she has to deal daily with people who not only have different personalities but also come from different backgrounds.

She told me something very important regarding a technique she often uses when she feels exhausted by people's different attitudes or ways of doing things.

In addition to understanding that people can't do what she expects, she also likes to remember all the good things people have given her. She remembers the happy, supportive, and inspiring moments that motivate her to move from conflict to solution.

This does not mean that we should become people who put up with everything that others want to do to them even if it is bad, no, this is not what it means. On the contrary, it means learning to see what is important for us to preserve, care for and improve for our own sake and also for the sake of the people we love.