Photo By Ahmet from Pexels


The most difficult step to take will always be the first one, because it often forces us to overcome our fears or prejudices. However, that first step that we are so afraid to take is the same one that will bring us closer to what we need or want so much.

Taking the first step requires a lot of courage and probably going through some moments of discomfort because daring makes us vulnerable. Nobody likes to feel exposed or vulnerable, but it is the only way to know what can happen when we decide to do something.

Whenever we have that feeling of fear at first, the first thing we should do is ask ourselves what it is that we are so afraid to do, and then ask ourselves what we lose if we try.

Many of our fears are not real and do not evolve beyond the catastrophic scene we picture in our minds. Let us remember that it is not those who tried that are remembered, but those who succeeded. Which side do we want to belong to?