Fast, feeless and totally up to me!


Fast, feeless and totally up to me perfectly describes the Hive payment system.

I was just reading a blog by @taskmaster4450 about Elon Musk and our traditional payment system.

One of the freedom that blochchain technology has brought is the complete control of your financial transactions.

I remember one of my friends trying to explain the essence of cryto trading to me many years back when blochchain technology was new. He basically said that it was a way in which the big guys (probably people into money laundering. I'll never know because I didn't think deep enough to ask him what he meant by 'big guys') transfer huge funds without the government's restrictions. Transaction fees, transaction limits, currency conversion, tax and all.

Coming back to these days when I'm full time into everything cryptocurency and block chain technology, I totally agree and understand that the big guys did a noble thing to have found a solution to one of our government day light robbery scheme.

I may not know or have direct access to the GOAT Satoshi Nakamoto and team who found this way but I know and can give kudos to @khaleelkazi and @leofinance team for being so consistent.

But how long will cryptocurency last?
I was asked this question a couple of days back by someone who is a naysayer when it comes to all things block chain technology, crypto, NFT, pretty much everything that crypto stands for.

Things evolve and technology is not an exemption. The world is gradually moving to web3 technology and it is super funny that even the educated ones among us are not aware or cannot yet accept that fact. I guess big tech guys like Google need to make the announcement of their transfer to web 3 technology before it sound real to alot of people.

The race is real and the game is getting more interesting as these other guys are doing all it takes to surpress cryto but it's use case is only getting stronger and broader.

Take for instance the blog to earn initiative on Hive where you basically blog and earn instantly in comparison with other Web2 blogging platform where there is the algorithm to make happy and payment eligibility threshold. I'll say it again that in all of my search for ways to earn money online, the Hive Ecosystem has been the best so far for a lot of reasons.

Another example is Threads. Comparing Leo Microblogging, and Twitter. Comeback years later and we would be asking...what happened to Twitter?

For now, what fascinates me most about block chain technology is NFTs and how it is ridiculously making people richer.

How about you? What interest you most about cryptocurency?

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