Exclusive Interview with OwlyFarm's Realm players

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Exclusive Interview with ShylanKnigh of Owly Farm Discord.

Hi @shylenknigh, thank you for having me today for some quick interview about Realm.
Q: AS You must be already know that you been choosen for this interview because you are among the most experienced players in Realm in OwlyFarm.Can you tell us when and how you discovered Realm.

A: I'm not sure when I started playing Realm NFT, but I joined their Discord on May 4, 2022. I learned about Realm NFT by watching a Twitch Streamer named @encryptid1up play it, who is currently ranked #12 on the Season 2 Leaderboard.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your progress in the game up to this point?

A: I am currently ranked #318 on the Season 2 Leaderboard, but I have yet to unlock Asia due to a lack of leaders, whereas the players around my ranking already have leader on Asia, which could mean I get more Reputation than they do. I also finished #1163 in Season 1, but I only had two Free Leaders at the time. I haven't invested in Realm NFT yet, but I did get 3x Leaders from two Twitch Streamers I usually hang out with (@encryptid1up and @rickonthemountain). So far, I've earned 1,217.645 RLM from the RLM Salary provided by the assigned Leaders and missions. If I keep my ranking within the Top 500, I'll be able to get a Custom Trophy NFT + a Common Equipment, which I can either sell or equip to a Leader to help my progress.

Given you haven't yet invested in the game, that's quite an accomplishment in my opinion, and it's inspiring for anyone who wants to start playing but doesn't have a lot of money to spend.

Q: Do you have any tips or advice for new players who have just started playing the game?

A: If you intend to play Realm NFT for a long time,

  1. always complete missions as much as possible because missions can also give Experience to your Leaders, allowing them to level up and gain a higher team size even with Free Leaders, as well as an increased RLM Salary for Leaders with at least 1 Star. I strongly advise players who started playing this game for free to keep completing missions in order to have a chance of spawning a mission that gives RLM.
  2. As soon as you have enough RLM saved up, invest in Leaders first. Basically, the more leaders you have, the more missions you can complete, earning you more Reputation and allowing you to climb the Leaderboard faster. I only have a 3 Star Scientist, a 2 Star Politician, a 1 Star Professional, and two Free Leaders, but I am already at #318; all I have to do now is grind missions.However,if you believe you will be unable to grind through missions, having a Leader with more stars will benefit you more due to the passive RLM Salary they provide. However, do the missions whenever possible because they can provide more RLM Salary as their levels increase.Invest in Leaders first when you have enough RLM saved up. Essentially, the more leaders you have, the more missions you can complete, earning you more Reputation and allowing you to advance faster up the Leaderboard. Even though I only have a 3 Star Scientist, a 2 Star Politician, a 1 Star Professional, and two Free Leaders, I am already at #318; all I have to do now is grind missions. If you believe you will be unable to complete missions, having a Leader with more stars will benefit you more because of the passive RLM Salary they provide. Do the missions, however, whenever possible because they can provide more RLM Salary as their levels rise.
  3. When you first start playing Realm NFT or a new season begins, I usually prioritise Resource Generation from Factories and Trucks unlocked at the Transport Depot over grinding missions, because training Helpers consumes a significant amount of Resources at the beginning. When you feel you have a stable rate of Resource Generation, you should train Helpers and complete missions to unlock Asia, which will allow you to build more Factories, Storages, and other important structures. However, if you have three or fewer leaders, I believe you should stay in Africa and concentrate on the missions. Typically, the efficient ratio of Continents to Leaders is 1:3, which means that each continent should have three Leaders, with one serving as the assigned Leader and the other two performing missions. However, because I also lack Leaders, I unlocked Asia when I had 5 Leaders, so Asia will have 1 Assigned Leader, while the 1 Leader will do a mission there to benefit from the assigned Leader's RLM Salary, gain more Reputation from missions, and level up more Leaders. So, you should unlock it as long as you can still do a mission on the next continent you'll unlock and have an assigned Leader to earn RLM Salary.
  4. .As building upgrade costs may be prohibitively expensive due to a lack of Resource Limit, you may also require more Storages, research Storage in the Research Lab, research - percent Building Costs, and donate Titanium to Plasma Tools in the Technology Center. I recently experienced this while upgrading a Level 10 Building in Asia, so construct more Storages until your Resource Limit allows you to upgrade the buildings and researches that you require.

Great tips!
Q: What do you think is the best aspect of the game that sets it apart from other P2E

A: The concept of RLM Salary in Leaders is the main feature that distinguishes Realm NFTfrom other P2E games in my opinion. As long as you have your best Leaders in terms of producing RLM Salary assigned to 6 Continents, you can passively gain RLM even if you don't do anything at all until the season resets, at which point everyone starts over at the first continent.Leveling Leaders also encourages players to grind by completing missions, as those Leaders will have an increased Team Size, RLM Salary, and Leader Bonus, improving
the passive Total RLM Salary. Even though the game gives the impression that it is Pay to Win to have a high ranking in the Leaderboard, anyone can compete with players who have better Leaders as long as they keep grinding and completing missions.

Q: In counterpoint to the preceding question, what do you believe Realm is lacking, or what aspect of the games do you believe can be improved?

A: Since I played Realm NFT during Seasons 1 and 2, I've noticed that there are now RLM Costs in some game features, such as unlocking new continents and unlocking new technologies, which can affect the progress and strategy for Free to Play Players like me. However, the value of RLM increased significantly, which can benefit the game and everyone in terms of earnings in the long run, and I have noticed that everyone can get RLM as they reach certain Levels, such as Level 5 and 10.Even though they implemented RLM Costs on various in-game features, making it difficult for Free to Play Players, we must accept the fact that we need to invest a little to progress in the game and it is a way to make the game sustainable for a longer time.

Q: Lastly,What do you expect from the games in the upcoming seasons?

A: I may have heard some rumors of Free to Play Players quitting the game after they added RLM Costs in some in-game features, so I propose that they create a balanced environment of Free to Play Players and Investors to compete on the huge potential that the game can bring, such as adding more planets or creating separate leaderboards for Free to Play Players and Investors, sometime in the future , implementing the Multiplayer System so that players can join forces and potentially gain more rewards together, as well as more in-game features that can help out every player, especially the Free to Play Players, to benefit a bit from the game, wherein they could invest more on Leaders in the future to further progress in the game and earn more, which will benefit both the game and the players. Rest assured, the developer already has this plan in mind and intends to implement it in the upcoming sessions. I noted this during their most recent AMA, which was held to commemorate the start of Season 2 for Realm NFT.

Thank you once more; the entire interview has been enjoyable for me.
This also made me more eager to continue my progress in the game.
We'll hopefully see each other later in the game when the multiplayer event begins.
I wish all Owly Farm members in Realm the best of luck. We at Owly Farm will always be rooting for you as you continue to grind and climb the ranks.
SkylenKnigh : No probsss man!see ya later!


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