Day 5 Mass Indoctrination | 14th November 2021 | Zoom Meeting

Today, we are thinking about the last two parts of the armor of God mention in Ephesians 6:10-18. These are prayer and supplication, portrayed by determination. Notwithstanding the complex weapons accessible to a soldier, If the person in question can't persevere, these weapons will have practically zero impact.

In this way, it is very vital to emphasize the trait of perseverance in the spot of prayer and supplication. Envision what might have happened to Daniel's demands and fasting if He had not endured in prayers and supplication for 21 days.


Prayer is the key with which he opens the heavenly armory to get to divine weapons for our spiritual fights. Our Lord Jesus Christ said something regarding prayer that a lot of Christians appear to overlook, especially in spiritual warfare. At the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus counsel the disciples to watch and pray.

Indeed, even the Almighty God who becomes man admits here that the flesh is weak and In this way, to defeat temptation, it is important we watch and pray. Adam's triumph would have been glorious if he didn't fall into the temptation of Satan. Little marvel when the second Adam came, He viewed the issue of prayer in a serious way and also uncovered the significance of prayer to us.

To supplicate is to ask with each feeling of modesty and not in self-importance like the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14. Arrogance and a sense of entitlement won't permit some people of God to be consistent in the place of prayer.

They give God time in prayer and order Him to do it now or they will stop serving Him! Humility implies giving up to the desire of God paying little mind to your cravings and expectations. It is coming to God with believe that He will do what is best for you.

The sure armor is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is truth, the righteousness of God in us, the gospel of peace, and the Word of God personified. Our faith in the Lord Jesus earns us salvation and in His Name, we get answers to our prayer. Acknowledge Him and put Him on today, and your triumph is guaranteed.

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