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Gaslighting Hot Subject




Yes it was that night when you fell in love in a hurry
And havent paid attention it was a dirty cheap wolf
Who just wanted to eat you alive
So he used nice sweet words like the story
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
A cheap red wine and a cheap cheese around a fake fire place
Ugh, he got you good ...he ate the stinky grandmother and the whole family tree
And left you in limbos lost in the woods


The morning was brutal ,
What the fuck has happened ?
Where is my sanity , my tongue ? My brain ? My wallet ?
Where the fuck am i ?
If you are lucky you can see the sun smiling at you , but luck doesnt exist
So it is a fake light , another one ...and the hell spiral keeps on going
The dark woods fractal keeps on spinning until you fucking stand up and walk out
Of the shit show By Yourself !

Gaslighting ? πŸ€”

WHAAAAAAT ?! You fucking crazy, that never happened !

Oh come on ! You are WAY too sensitive ! So what ?! I cannot call you names ?! Isnt it fun ?!
But i call all my buddies names and you are my buddy too as well as my girlfriend / Boyfriend !


I never ever said that ! It is in your head and you are making things up !

If your partner hates that you question yourself then you could see it as gaslighting is an emotional abuse that causes a person to question their own feelings, instincts and sanity, giving the abusive partner power and control... look at the background of these people ( their education , family , habits , speech , etc..)


The term gaslighting is from a 1938 stage play called Gaslight, the husband drives his wife crazy by dimming the lights in their home (powered by gas), then he denies the lights change when the wife asks him about them. Showing that , Once an abusive partner has used gaslighting to break down the victim’s ability to trust her own perceptions and beliefs, the victim is more likely to stay in the abusive relationship, because she no longer believes it’s possible to survive without the abuser.
( Stockholm Syndrome )

Gaslighting happens gradually in a relationship β€” so slowly that the abusive partner’s actions seem harmless at first...everything is ok , the victim sees humour or gives excuses because the partner shows that direction... Over time, it becomes confusing , the person gaslighted becomes anxious, isolated and depressed, lose sense of what is truly happening.


Here are some signs you are gaslighted
I also invite you to watch videos and read books about it
On the same level of Pervers Narcissists , same conclusion

From Robin Stern Psychoanalyst here are the 10 biggest signs

You are constantly second-guessing yourself.
You start to question if you are too sensitive.
You often feel confused and have a hard time making simple decisions.
You find yourself constantly apologizing.
You can’t understand why you’re so unhappy.
You often make excuses for your partner’s behavior.
You feel like you can’t do anything right.
You often feel like you aren’t good enough for others.
You have the sense that you used to be a more confident, relaxed and happy person.
You withhold information from friends and family so you don’t have to explain things.


It is an Emotional and Psychological abuse

Using Withholding he/she pretends not to understand you or refuses to listen to you. He/she says things like I don’t want to hear this again and becomes angry and violent

Using Countering he/she questions your memory, even if you are 100% sure of what happened.
You are wrong, you never remember things correctly ! or
You are imagining things, that never happened !

Using Blocking or Diverting he/she changes the subject to silence you or questions the way you feel ..
Is that another crazy idea you got from your mom ?
If it is not from him/her it cannot be right .

Using Trivializing he/she makes your needs or feelings seem unimportant, constantly telling you that you’re too sensitive, or ...
You are going to get angry over a little thing like that ?! I thought you were more smart and stronger than that !

Using Forgetting or Denying He/she pretends to have forgotten what really happened, or denies promises ...WHAT ?! I don’t know what you’re talking about ! Oh Come on You’re just making things up !

One thing is , when you leave , he/she will try everything to bring you back
until he/she finds another pray
When he/she does so , he/she still will never let you go
He/she will make sure you know his/her life to keep on pulling your energy
And will always be around , just in case .
He/she thinks he/she is the Master of all , God even and no one can leave or forget him/her .




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My daughter has a friend who was in an abusive relationship. The friend eventually got out of that dangerous situation. She is much happier now!

However, her small son witnessed one particularly bad event (throat grabbing) which has left him needing professional medical counselling. As he still suffers from feeling extremely anxious, and lacks self confidence.