You don't need to perfectly time the bottom to get rich in Crypto, DCA your way to the Top

Honestly, trying to time the perfect or absolute bottom before placing your trades might just be one of the biggest mistakes, a waste of your time, and would make you miss so many opportunities because you think you must time or catch the absolute bottom first before you can be rich, Nah you got it all wrong because I don't think anyone can predict the exact price or level where the crypto market is going to turn or reserve from so don't kid yourself and miss out on amazing opportunities because you have programmed it in your head that the only way to become rich is when you catch the absolute bottom.

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Now, to tell you how rare it is to catch the absolute, even those who caught the absolute do not know they caught it until the market itself has reversed to a significant level, when it is obvious to everyone that that is the actual bottom, so do your analysis both fundamental and technical analysis if it checks all your box or requirements or things that you need to see from your trading strategy on the chart and that fundamental analysis aline, then just place your trade, let stop hoping of catch the absolute or perfect anything first before we take or place our trades.

Beauty Of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

If you want to be a crypto millionaire you don't really need to be waiting for the absolute bottom to be one, you can get there by just buying small portions of Bitcoin or other notable altcoins every day until your portfolio has gotten to the level you want it to get to, the most effective way to do DCA and grow your account with the strategy is to get a side hustle or job that can be funding your consistency buying of small portions of your preferred coin, with that you will be consistent in growing your account or portfolio, but if you don't have a side hustle or job you can still DCA, all you have to is to be buying small portion from time to time with extra cash on your hand, and it doesn't need to be every day, just anytime you have some extra cash you buy some, the beauty of DCA is that it reduces the impact of volatility to your account.


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