Which would you choose?



Early this morning I was just scrolling through my twitter feed looking for something interesting to read or something funny to make me laugh and I stumbled on this picture above, which caught my attention.

Would you rather buy iphone 13 pro max worth $1,599 or buy 0.47 ETH (Ethereum) or anything other cryptocurrency for that amount, $1,599 is a lot to buy any crypto, mostly with the current market condition, than just using it to buy a phone no matter what specifications the phone has.

In my country Nigeria $1,599 is N924,222, which is almost 1million naira because the last time I checked which was very recent $1 is worth N578. For me I don't think it's smart using almost a million naira to buy a phone no matter the brand, which over time the value will depreciate.

For me, I rather buy $1,599 worth of any good crypto project or projects, which with time could double or even triple my investment and make me richer. Than buying a phone which could get spoilt and turn into a liability in my opinion.

No shade's to my country though, but I know for a fact that some people not all, will go for the iphone just to show off that they have money, mean while they don't have any investment or assets on ground, they're want to feel among and impress others.

Don't get me wrong getting the phone is not bad, if you have a very good investment which can give you the money ($1599) multiplier by 10 to 100, you can go ahead and buy it.

But if you don't have that, I don't thinks it's smart to buy the phone, instead use your current phone and then use the money ($1599) make yourself more money. I love to know your opinions though "Which would you choose?".

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