We are all Satoshi.


Hungarian did something amazing yesterday, they honored Satoshi Nakamoto with a public statue at Graphisoft Park in Budapest, front of a passionate crowded who appreciated Satoshi for creating Bitcoin and giving the world a chance to decentralized financial freedom.

The statue was sculpted by Gergely Réka and Tamás Gilly, the sculpture is Satoshi wearing a hoodie with Bitcoin logo on the left side of the hoodie, the statue has a reflective face since no one knows if Satoshi is male or female and nobody knows what the Bitcoin creator looks like.


They made the face of the statue reflective, so when you look at you will see yourself in it to capture the mantra of “we are all Satoshi” and that we all play an important role in Bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto does.


I love how this faceless statue plays into Elizabeth Warren’s comments this past July calling Bitcoiners a “shadowy faceless group of super coders.” Because it does not matter who Satoshi was as an individual. All that matters is that Satoshi created a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to transfer value in real time without permission from anyone. This “faceless super coder” changed the world for the better by giving people financial hope and opportunity where there was none. Just because someone protects their identity online does not mean they have ill intentions, something Warren has yet to understand.

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