Crypto Terminologies/Abbreviation For Newbies To Understand The Crypto World Better.

To understand crypto posts or articles you will encounter here on Hive or any other websites where you can get crypto news and updates like Twitter, you will come across some abbreviation and get confused, after reading this post I hope it's will be much clearer and easier to understand what you are reading.


Let me startup first with the most used and most frequently used Terminologies/Abbreviation:

  • ATH = All Time High: this means that price has hit the new highest price.

  • ATL = All Time Low: this means that price has hit the new lowest price.

  • PUMP: this means the price is going higher.

  • DIP/DUMP: this means the price is going lower.

  • FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out: place a trade of buying a coin because you see the coin is pumping.

  • FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

  • NFT = Non-Fungible Token.

  • KYC = Know Your Customer.

  • BTFD = Buy The F**king Dip.

  • HODL = Hold On for Dear Life: this means you holding your coin whether it's going higher or lower.

  • DYOR = Do Your Own Research.

  • TP = Take Profit.

  • SL = Stop Loss.

  • DEFI = Decentralized Finance: platforms are the underlying technologies that enable financial services to be offered with no central authority.

  • HTF = Higher Time Frame.

  • LTF = Lower Time Frame

  • CEX = Centralized Exchange: it acts as a third party between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies like Binance, Kucoin etc.

  • DEX = Decentralized Exchange: there is on third party involved just between the traders.

  • PNL = Profit n Loss: you mostly see this trading crypto futures.

  • ROI = Return On Investment.

I hope what you have read above will help you understand crypto news and post better.

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Yeah, really helpful. Used to see some of these words without actually knowing what they meant, glad you broke it down.

Keep up the good work bro


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