Crypto Critics: "Bitcoin isn't Financial Freedom" it is "Financial Suicide". I call Bullshit, what do you think?

Crypto critics should quit trolling Crypto and find something better or productive to do with their time and life, we get it already they don't like crypto fine, that is their opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinions, they should leave us crypto traders and investors alone and stop forcing their ideas, insecurities, and fears about crypto down our throats, we invested with our money, not theirs so they should take a chill pill and just rest on this trolling thing because Bitcoin and Crypto is not the only investment that the price goes up and down or have its good days and bad days, every investment on earth does including oil, gold, copper, stocks, and bonds but critics choose to only pick on Crypto and Bitcoin because we are in a bear market and the crypto market is down, instead of focusing on inflation that is on the rise and the cost of living is getting more expensive and fiat currencies are losing their value daily.

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One thing I have learned over the years in my crypto journey is to trust my own instinct, analysis both fundamental and technical analysis, and ignore the noise on social media. Stop blindly following and believing anything you see online, most people don't know what they are doing or saying. Many people are super negative and think the worst about Bitcoin and Crypto. If the crypto critics believe so much about Bitcoin being dead and financial suicide, they should show us proof of them shorting Bitcoin and how much they have spent, how much profit they have made shorting Bitcoin.

They should put their money where their mouth is just like we who invested did, Bitcoin is financial freedom to me, and anyone who does it right by getting a good crypto education first and all the necessary knowledge that will help anyone understand how to invest in Bitcoin and be successful. Bitcoin has changed so many people's lives and will continue to change more people's lives going forward. Bitcoin works and patience is key in trading but not everyone has that. Patience is an underrated skill in Bitcoin investment but it is important, Bitcoin has come a long way and will definitely go higher with time. it is already too big to be ignored or fail.


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