Acceptance Is What Makes Fiat Currency Real Money, Then How Is Crypto Not Real Money?


I see and hear a lot of crypto critics say Crypto is worthless and it is not real money, I just smile and sometimes laugh because if you say crypto is not real money then fiat currencies are not real either but just ink on paper and that is it because what actually makes something real money is the people of that place or region acceptance and what they accept to be money because fiat currency that everyone keeps saying is money is just something that represents money because think about it, let us say you are visiting another or you are on vacation and you take your country's money to that country you are visiting without converting it first to that country's currency, the paper you hold in your hand or sorry your country's currency is worthless and just paper in your hand since it is not accepted in that country, it holds no real value.For example: A Nigerian can't not spend Naira in the United States until he or she converts it to USD (United States Dollar), the same thing applies to other countries all over the world.

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Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Superior To Fiat Currencies

As I have pointed out earlier already, a country's currency is useless and worthless in another country until you convert It, but Bitcoin and Altcoins on the other are borderless and universal, which simply means it is accepted the same way globally and you don't need to convert it, because one Bitcoin is one Bitcoin anytime, any day, and anywhere, so if you think about it, crypto is a superior currency to any fiat currency, better and more real currency compared to fiat, but crypto critics won't see that fact or maybe they just ignore the fact and just jump to conclusions saying crypto is not real money to feel among and maybe get some kind of acceptance from their fellow like-minded crypto critics, I feel the problem here is that sense of acceptance people just want to feel among, even if it is with the wrong crowd.

In the first place, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin the first successful cryptocurrency to fix the issues local and traditional monetary systems were having, till date Bitcoin and Crypto are still reshaping the financial and payment systems.


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