8 years ago BTC was $200 and 5 years ago BNB was $0.17, Traveling back in time to buy coins won't be a bad idea


Honestly, I think if time traveling was possible, I would have really loved to visit these dates, times, and years, that have passed once again when Bitcoin and crypto were extremely cheap, not to become the world, President, 😂 or something but to accumulate as many coins I can possibly buy, let's just imagine how great it would have been to accumulate Bitcoin at $200, eight (8) years ago, it was very cheap right now let us take our imagination way further to like when it was once $1 or even less for like some few dates or months or even a year after it was launched, imagine you got yourself like $100k or $1 million worth of Bitcoin at $1 or below, which I don't know if you have that kind of money though, but we a just imagining right so any amount is possible even a billion dollars or more if we had bought Bitcoin at $1 or below then, I bet now we would not even feel the volatility of the market and we would be set for life, the same thing goes for BNB, ETH, and any other notable Altcoin.

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What Prices Should We Expect From Bitcoin And Notable Altcoins In The Future?

Time traveling to buy different coins at a very cheap rate or price is a lovely idea, but let's leave imagination aside and come back to the real world and the present time, where the prolonged Bear market is presenting us with this same kind of opportunity to buy our preferred coins at a very cheap price but not as cheap as the price if you traveled to the past though but something similar or close, in fact, let me put it this way the next best thing because the price of any coin in the crypto market has reduced massively. So if you miss buying as many coins as you would have loved in the past, maybe you didn't have the money or did not even know about crypto then, or maybe think it was a scam and won't succeed because it looked too good to be true and was a new invention, here is another chance to buy coins at a very cheap rate, I hope your fear for the market or listen to critics say crypto is done for, make you miss out on a lifetime opportunity.

My Future Price Predictions (5 - 10) Year's

Bitcoin - $100k and above
Ethereum - $10k
BNB - $1,500
SOL - $500
HIVE - $15 and above
LEO - $2
CUB - $1
PolyCUB - $9


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