Fred-our house dragon🦎


Foto 11.05.22, 18 03 19.jpg

This is Fred- a black iguana from Mexico!

He lived next to our old apartment and came to sunbathe on our fence
every day. We named him Fred! Sometimes we saw a slightly smaller iguana,
it was very shy and when you came to the window it actually already ran away.
And 1 or 2 times we saw a mini iguana. A whole family father mother child,
we called them Fred, Erma and baby dragon hahaha 😄🤗

Foto 11.05.22, 18 03 22.jpg

Fred was the most trusting of all, and even when we came onto the terrace,
he didn't run away straight away. We fed him cauliflower or gave him bread.
He spent most of the day on our fence until the sun slowly got cooler.

2022-05-11 19.10.20.jpg

Foto 11.05.22, 18 03 34.jpg
One day I happened to be at the bedroom window and saw 2 large iguanas fighting, so Fred and another male. They were probably fighting for the best spot in the sun! Frad won and the other iguana walked away with a bleeding wound in the neck.

Foto 11.05.22, 18 03 40.jpg

These iguanas can live up to 60 years. Males can grow up to 1.2 meters
in length and weigh. The webs stay much smaller.

The terrace adjoined our bedroom, once we were woken up by a loud rustling of leaves. Erma Fred's wife (no idea if that's true, but for us it was like that 😄). Anyway, Erma had fallen off the fence and was trying to get back up the fence the whole time!
We were already thinking about how we could help her, grab her and put her up, we didn't want to either, because I think they can bite quite nicely!
Should we build her a ladder?😄But after a few attempts, she actually managed to chain up the 90 degree steep wall! awesome ! she was able to squeeze herself between the wall and the fence at one point and slowly climbed up!

2022-05-11 18.55.20.jpg

Foto 11.05.22, 18 03 48.jpg

2022-05-11 18.55.19.jpg

It was funny with the iguanas as "pets".

I miss Fred and the family❣️

See you,


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I am afraid of iguanas. Although I understand that they are docile and fearful, I don't risk having them around.
When I was a child, an uncle used to hunt them, because they would come to his small orchard to steal fruit, and to my eyes they looked like crocodiles!


yes i understand you, they look like little dinosaur :)