Breaded Garlic Shrimps with home-made Potato Rösti and a fresh Salad - Follow along recipe!

Hello, dear community, this is my first post here.. I hope you like my food, we enjoyed it very much ;)

2022-05-19 12.11.43.jpg

For the recipe you need:

I got 15 Roesti with 4 large potatoes and 4 small ones
(as you can see on the photo).
-salt, pepper, garlic powder
-fresh garlic
-olive oil

2022-05-19 12.11.43-3.jpg

2022-05-19 12.11.43-1.jpg

The first thing I did was chop the potatoes with a grater. I then left the potatoes for a while so that the liquid can escape from the potatoes, so they hold together better when frying.

2022-05-19 12.11.44-1.jpg
I cleaned the shrimp, removed the tail and everything else, and then prepared everything for the breading! I mixed 2 eggs with salt, pepper and garlic powder. I chopped up fresh garlic and provided me with flour and breadcrumbs!
I first rolled the shrimp in flour so that the egg could stick better! then i dunked it in the fresh garlic and then in the breadcrumbs. I repeated egg and breadcrumbs 2 times so the breading is thicker :)

1st flour
2nd egg
3rd fresh garlic
4th breadcrumbs
5th eg
6th breadcrumbs

2022-05-19 12.11.43-2.jpg
In the meantime, the electricity went out and I had to continue cooking with the help of a candle and my cell phone flashlight :D haha ​​welcome to the Dominican Republic

2022-05-19 12.11.44-2.jpg
Those were the ready-breaded shrimps, I put them in the fridge again for a moment and devoted myself to the potatoes again!
2022-05-18 20.22.46.jpg

I still have the grated potatoes added :
a medium-sized onion
1 clove garlic,
salt and pepper,
and about 5 tablespoons flour
The flour helps the grated potatoes stick together better, you may need a little more or less. You'll have to take a look

2022-05-19 12.11.45-3.jpgNow I have started to form small thalers. I would recommend not making them too big or they might fall apart.
I fried them on a low flame with lots of oil until golden yellow.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough oil left and they didn't turn out perfectly

2022-05-18 20.37.22.jpgI also fried the shrimps in an oil and butter mixture with fresh garlic until golden yellow, they are ready after just a few minutes.There was also a fresh salad with rocket, peppers, tomatoes and onions dressed with a dressing of oil, salt, paprika powder and lemon.

2022-05-19 12.11.45-6.jpg

The electricity was back just in time for dinner, it was an experience to cook in the dark 😑 at least we cook with a gas stove! enjoy it :)
Bon appetit!

until next time anna💗


Thanks for sharing! I will add it to my list of things to try!