Random shot of macrophotography - insects and wildflowers

Hello macrophotography lovers

Talking about macrophotography, it does require high concentration when taking pictures, especially when the objects are small wild animals, it's so hard to find them let alone take pictures at close range, moreover I only rely on my cellphone to take pictures of the object, and this time I will share some random shots consisting of several types of insects and wildflowers

Who is not familiar with these animals, apart from the diseases that can be caused by flies, it turns out that their shape is very interesting when viewed up close, I was lucky to find them on their honeymoon, this is rarely encountered, although flies are easy to find, very difficult to approach them, does anyone know which one is a male and which one is a female, yes maybe I can guess, but I'm afraid I'm wrong because I don't understand flies at all

These two types of small butterflies have their own uniqueness, at first glance they are almost the same shape, the only difference is the shape of the wings, is it possible that they have different sexes or are these two different species even though they are the same size, I also don't know for sure about this thing, their beauty alone is enough for me, nothing else but that

Well, for this one insect I don't even know the name, it looks like a bee, but the wings are bigger, this animal is the size of a fly and I happened to find it not far from the two butterflies, because the butterfly ran away, I accidentally found this animal, he is also no less interesting, unfortunately the wind makes it difficult for me to find the focus of this image, that's the best result I have

This wild flower also managed to hypnotize me with its beauty, even though it is hidden in the bushes, I can see clearly from quite a distance just because of its beauty and uniqueness, no matter what type of flower this is, which definitely still looks beautiful and impressive, I think this is a flower from a shy outri tree, if I'm not mistaken

Next, I have some beetle photos as a bonus for all of you

These two little beetles have very different shapes and colors, only their mouths are the same, and I think all beetles are like that at first😅

The colors of each of these little beetles are equally very bright and will be easily seen wherever they perch, unfortunately they are also a little wild to approach, just took a few pictures of them flying somewhere

That's all for now, thank you and see you later

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