Wednesday Walk And Make Me Smile - 13th Of October 2021

All the focus of my every day is always about the welfare and feelings of other people rather than of thinking for my own. Random kindness is all I ever wanted as long as I could do it at the right time.

Waking up for another request about remittances intended to the family of my friend who lost her 12 years old daughter. It was a sudden death and her employer is heartless. She wanted to send money but her boss is too lazy. She told me and I did it. I went to the bank and my employer's daughter drove for me.

Too early at 7am, we went out with us the youngest daughter for school.

I used the ATM machine for my remittance since the bank was still close.

Banking hours open at 9:30am to 5:,30,pm.

She is my darling little one before and now a lady taller than me and knew how to drive for me.

Taking this picture when I was on the car. The beautiful sunrise of the day.

When I get home i eat my breakfast, feed the cats and the birds. I cleaned the entire house and made my day so busy. Them I remember the death of my young Uncle died on this day when I was 13yrs.old. He was 22 years old and died while sleeping. He was a handsome man and died witbout even a girlfriend. And I also remembered the birthday of my niece.

It made me emotional bit I kept myself busy. I also heard that the sickness ofy son's family is just a seasonal fever and flu. Thanks God for everything. It was not a covid related disease/ sickness.


This picture they sent to me yesterday via messenger to make me happy. They grew so fast witbout them in my side.

My niece also sent her picture to me showing that she is also a lady now.

I done my work earlier and it wasy time to go to the garden to complete my day feeding my pets. And I decided to have a selfie as a remembrance of my looks at 51 years old. This part made you laugh and not just a smile for @elizacheng. Please @tattoodjay, pardon me if my Wednesday walk falls with my selfie. To be honest, only yesterday I felt relax and put out the tears in my eyes. That is my, I got some selfies commemorating my birthday.


These are taken in the garden.


My first selfies at the rooftop.

My dinner last night was a Bobolano version of pansit that was made up of miki, vegetables and chicken. Since we have no fresh miki,I boiled spaghetti sticks and did like my grandmother cooked for me during my birthday.

My friend sent this picture during my birthday party that I refused to attend.(credit the picture to my friend)

At the end of my day last night, when they confirmed the good news, I felt hungry and wish to have the foods my friends prepared for my birthday, But I could not turned back the time. I just say thank you Lord for the pain I felt on that day during my birthday and so grateful how it turned into a great news yesterday.
Thank you @tattoodjay and @elizacheng for your initiative and to our @asean.hive community administrator. God bless us!

Hive On!

Gif credit to @gremayo


you are so kind doing that for her

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk


Sorry for the tough time you're facing sister. The work you do is very selfless, and many rich Saudis sometimes fail to realize the sacrifice their domestic workers make just in order to send some remittances home now and then. Sorry to hear about your friend's 12-year-old family member passing, that is tragic and untimely. Stay strong, we ASEAN Hivers are here to do our best to keep you in good spirits.


Yes, so pitiful but this is our life, no one stay in this world forever. Thank you so much brother. God bless you and your nice family.


Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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