A vow is when you impose an obligation on yourself and you must be true to your vow Ecl 5:4. It is better not to make a vow than making a vow and not paying it. There are reasons for making a vow to God;

To obtain favor from God,To get healing,from sickness, To turn from an evil act
You are not compelled or dictated to on how to go about our vow to God 11Cor 9:7 give according to the decision of your heart.

Offering: Giving according to the decision of your heart, tithe is not a doctrine of christ the commandment of christ was every man according to how he purpose in his heart let him give, not grudgingly for God loves a cheerful giver.

We shouldn't preach or join a church because of money, Bro Eli said he preached because he had money and a source of livelihood, he preached from his own earned money and nor asking money from his church members like some other pastors do to their church members depending on the financial income of the church. You cannot preach without money.

A pastor shouldn't set a fixed price to the offering or contributions of the church, You are expected to give voluntarily and not forcefully, it should be to one's decision and not imposing it on members, you are the one to decide or determine how little or big you want to give 11Cor 8:3. Phil 4:15 The early church people gave voluntarily and not as commanded.

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