Discrimination among female and male child in Igboland

Hello my beautiful and amazing people, am here again to share with you another story that trending in Nigeria now.
In Nigeria society, every tribe has their own culture. Culture simple mean total way of life. But culture is differ from one another. So back to Igbo women culture in Nigeria , before the emergency of constitutional law . They are being practised traditional law that they are used to gather their peoples.


Some women in igboland , they come together to agitate and abolish Igbo culture and they took the matter to Court to abolish their traditional system. Because they believe that , they have the same right with male child . They asked court to help them put end to their culture. The decisions of supreme court has caused mixed reaction among Igbo people.


Why some women said that, Igbo culture cannot be abolished by supreme court, it had been existed before the emergency of rule of law in Nigeria. They believe that , supreme court decision or judgement cannot have effect on their culture, because many people will be after their life and that process some people will be killed.
Majority of women , pleaded supreme court not to change or abolish their culture. They believe that any attempt to abolish Igbo culture will lead to confusion and chaos in their various state. So in igbo culture , women are not allow to inherite her father wealth or properties , because they believe that is a part of their culture. culture has come to stay and no any court has power to tarnish or abolish it.


In igboland, all their female child are not allow to share inheritance with male child because they believe that Igbo culture allows male child to inherite her father properties. They don't accept any decisions made by court or court judgement to prevail on their culture. They believe that culture is culture, no matter what court decision ,it can never change their mind or believe under any situation.
Igbo culture allows female child to inherite her husband property because they believe that , they belong to her husband and husband belong to them too. Whatever her husband possess ,they both have equal right over it.
Some women , said that , they stand by the culture. No matter what happened and the interest of other should be considered. They believe that, culture is unique to entire people of igboland. It should not be abolished or touched.


Community leaders said , they cannot abolish their custom and traditional which means a lot to them and they backed it up that , they are not against the decisions of court but culture is culture and it will never change because they don't allow married woman to come back to her father house to share properties with other male child.
But some of them said that supreme court has done a great job to bring hope to their girls in society.