Today's Sound was Awesome as we are Getting Ready for a Friend's Wedding

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Myself and my group as choir in the local church, we had a wonderful time trying to syncronize thesong with a high life music. I tell people people that music is sweet, it sound does something to the soul.

But sound production in a music can be outrightly complex sometimes. however, musicians who are profesionals don't find it complex at because it is something they love doing on their own.
While we rehearsed, a Moment was given to the musicians to bring out a high life sound for African praised section and i couldn't hold it but video them playing harmoniuosly together.

One thing that amazed a lot was the fact that they could play and still communicate with themselves with sign language carrying themselve along. And i think thats, what music is all about, communication.
This a musical and experiment section of five different musicians play to bring out a unify sound.

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