Architecture of various cottages - photos

Traveling through Serbia where I came across interesting weekend houses that are in nature.

Sometimes we want to escape from the city, we all need nature in life, it gives us freedom and helps us live healthier.

So we ran away from the city for the weekend, we just got in the car and wherever the road takes us.

Passing through Serbia, we came across an interesting part of the green space where there were interesting cottages, some of which were surprising architecture.


One very interesting architecture of the house, which seems to float in the air.


Built on a green surface where there is only one tree next to it. Elevated on a made wooden surface, it attracts attention and admiration.



the next house near which there is a small pond, where people grow certain types of fish. We had closer access to this house for photography.




The house also has a solar system, which means that for a stay in nature, you have everything they need for life, from electricity, water and a healthy living condition.


Another little cottage under construction.


I hope that these small but interesting houses will be built day by day, in order for man to turn to nature and a healthier and more peaceful life. unlike the noise, smog and crowds provided by the city.

Your Maya

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Oh wow definitely a nice looking home/cottage that stands out for miles. I wonder what the site costs would have been to get it to float above the ground like that.

I love unique buildings.