MC Attitude Rapper Has The Skills

As the ego gets higher and higher, it is nice to get a rare card like MC Attitude Rapper to bring it down by adding a net 150 skill. The other cards are Tess and Pink Mic which I already have quite a number of.

The shorter missions have been a game changer to help earn packs faster because sometimes you can earn 1000 starbits in just over an hour while sometimes, a long 5 hour mission might earn you the same amount.

Ranking has slipped a little but it is still close to the 400 range rather than the 500 mark. I don't think Epic cards add more rank beyond their uniqueness score so maybe it is just more playing time recently.

Card totals are increasing nicely and like i mentioned above, increasing perhaps a little more rapidly I feel by tapping on those 15 minute missions to earn a quick 1000 or 800 starbits from time to time. Wish I had discovered this sooner.