Supporting Our Sponsored Race-Car...


Inside the car...


Earlier this year, my wife and I were contacted on Facebook by a guy named Brad Robinson. He wanted to know if our business, "Queen Bee Cleaning," was interested in sponsoring his race team for the next two seasons. His "Team" consisted of him, and his son, and his family, and three cars they are driving. My wife and I talked about it, and the two hundred he was asking seemed like something that would not only be fun, and super cool but also could lead to some work, so we said sure! Why not?

Kinda ugly, but she wins!

Second Race...

This is the second time we have been able to make it out to the races this year. The pledge of allegiance, and hearing the pre-race prayer, brings back memories from my much simpler childhood. The track is in Springport, Michigan, and they only take cash, if you can imagine that. Seriously, no card readers there. Kids are playing catch with softballs, and not one person is wearing a mask. I don't know, to me, it is refreshing. Not only all of that, but our car consistently places in the top three in its heats!

My niece and nephew

Autograph Night!

Tonight was "Autograph Night" at the track, and as you can see from the video below, it was pretty freaking cool! Yeah, they are just amateur racers, and yeah, the "Miniwedge" cars all have a Harbour Freight crate stock engine in them, but again, the reminder of how things used to be not too long ago, and hopefully, everyone will be able to return to again soon, was something I would not have traded for just about anything else at this point in my life...

Thank you for checking out my post, I hope you enjoyed it!