We take care of nature, nature needs us


I, together with the SOS Children's Villages Indonesia organization and Basajan Creative School, visited one of the tourist attractions in the Aceh Jaya Sampoiniet area - Indonesia on 4-5 June 2022.

The distance from our place to our destination is about 4 hours using a four-wheeled vehicle. We went by car.

When we got there we were greeted by the manager of the CRU Sampoiniet, Sarah Deu, we were greeted with joy by them.

We started pitching the tent and started setting up the equipment we needed.

There are several agendas for us to visit the CRU Sampoiniet, Sarah Deu, namely getting to know the wild, and also knowledge about elephants.

During the day we were given knowledge about how to protect nature and also knowledge about elephants. Did you know that in this world there are only two types of elephants, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. and what I remember most is that the elephant with tusks is the male elephant and the one without tusks is the female elephant.

Besides that, we also went to one of the places, namely waterfalls. The journey to the place is about 1 hour on foot because it cannot be passed by 2-wheeled vehicles.

This nature is very beautiful, still very natural, the water can be directly drunk and very fresh.

I hope that this beautiful nature can maintain its ecosystem, and also protect its animals. I also hope that all of my friends will also support him.




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