Copwatch - Fishing For a Non-Crime Then Hindering My Investigation in Federal Way, WA


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Fishing Trip With Federal Way Blue Line Gangster

While visiting the west side of Washington state to attend the "Hazardous Liberty" rally I had this Federal Way order follower pull right in front of me. It was like a birthday gift all wrapped up nice for me. This cop decided he needed to go fishing for some victimless crimes when he drove by and saw these 2 guys drinking a liquid out of a container. Serious crimes like that need investigations. He got their ID's with no crime and simply asking. I educated the 2 men about their right to remain silent and not answer questions. Something you'll see the cop do when I turn the tables and start investigating him. Please Upvote, Reblog and Follow!

Federal Way police contact info:

33325 8th Ave. S.
Federal Way, WA 98003
Phone - 253-835-6700

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