Revolution Has Begun in Idaho - Citizens Taking Freedom Back, Who's Next?

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Freedom Lovers Fight to Take Back What's Theirs...

2020 has seen unprecedented times so far and that likely won't change soon. Coronavirus has been unleashed on the world but its small groups of men and woman calling themselves governments that the people of this world need to fear the most. Nobody has a higher claim to your life or property than you do. Tyrannical authoritarian regimes(government) will not give people freedom, it means them loosing control of the masses. No, freedom must be taken. Peacefully is the preference but statists don't give up their power and control over others so easily. People living in Idaho have grown tired after just a couple weeks of being told to stay home. They have started to stand up and take back their freedom. This is what liberty looks like folks. Please Upvote, Reblog and Follow!

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Armed security presence at Honeysuckle beach in Hayden, ID
Citizens serving grievance in Meridian, ID
Ammon Bundy calls for businesses to open in IDaho

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Going to work tomorrow, per my meeting with the homeowner today.

Just like anemone's need to grab food passing by with their tentacles, I need to bend nails. It's my natural function, and ain't nobody got the right to prevent me from living as I am born to.

Reckon more folks will keep coming to this realization as they run out of beer money.


I'm glad to hear your able to get back to work. Glad the homeowner came to their senses. I'm sure their bills are starting to pile up as well.

I suppose you're right. Lack of beer money will make many realize how ridiculous all this business of telling people they can't support themselves is.